Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attrractions and Packaged Destinations

Province of Bohol

Tourist Attraction Location
  1. Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary,
  2. Sikatuna Tree Park
  3. Marine Life Tour (Dolphin and Whalewatching)
  4. Antequera Adventure, Antequera River, Antequera Bohol Paddling Adventures
  5. Savima Community Life Tour
  6. Punta Cruz Cultural Collectives
  7. Candabong Cave
  8. Simply Butterfly
  9. Makapiko River Rubber Tubing
  10. Karst Walk
  11. Sagbayan Peak
  12. Banacon Mangrove and Seascape Tour
  13. Cambuhat Village and River Tour
  14. Danao Eco-Adventure Tour
  15. Coral Seascape Tour
  16. Candijay Mangrove Adventure Tour
  17. La Manok Point
  18. River Hiking at Sierra Bullones
  19. Trekking at Sierra Bullones
  20. Sierra Bullones Wild Caves (Nan-Ud Ecotour)
  21. Ubay Agri Park FITS Center
  22. Blood Compact Shrine
  23. Baclayon Church and Museum
  24. Loboc River Cruise
  25. Loay River Cruise
  26. Clarin Ancestral House
  27. Bilar Man-made Forest
  28. Chocolate Hills
  29. Camp Magsaysay, Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape
  30. Badian Spring
  31. Mag-aso Falls
  32. Sunday Market (Native Products)
  33. Alburquerque Interpretive and Tourism Information Center
  34. Balay Sa Humay
  35. Bohol Biodiversity Complex
  36. Castillo de San Vicente
  37. Lamanoc Island Eco-cultural Mystic Experience Tour
  38. Loboc Music Heritage
  39. Ginger Walk
  40. Sipatan Hanging Bridge
Cancatac, Corella

Can-agong & Abukay Norte, Sikatuna

Pamilacan, Baclayon

Kawasan, Cortes and Puntod Island, Panglao

San Vicente, Maribojoc

Punta Cruz, Maribojoc

Candabong, Loboc

Poblacion, Bilar

Rizal, Batuan

Cabacnitan, Batuan, Bohol

San Agustin, Sagbayan



Magtangtang, Danao

Basdio, Guindulman

Panadtaran, Candijay

Badiang, Anda

Danicop, Bugsok, Sierra Bullones

Nan-od, Sierra Bullones

Bugsoc and Nan-od, Sierra Bullones

Lomangog, Ubay

Bool, Tagbilaran City

Poblacion, Baclayon

Poblacion Loboc

Poblacion Loay, Loboc

Poblacion, Loay


Buenos Aires, Carmen


Anas, Valencia

Mag-aso, Antequera

Poblacion, Antequera

Poblacion, Alburquerque

Poblacion, Batuan

Roxas, Bilar

Punta Cruz, Maribojoc

Lamanoc Island, Anda


Candabong, Loboc

Ewon-Logob, Sevilla

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